Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PitBulls Rock

Below is fab Posting from a PitBull advocate whom I admire. She gave me permission to post this, a listserve message she shared.
Thanks Lynn L!

Yesterday I had to take my cat to the vet and we stopped by Petsmart after. While shopping, yes he was in a carrier, we ran into one of the national *animal supply store* Trainers and her GSD client and the dog's owners and started chatting. Even though the national *animal supply store* trainer handles all breeds, she quickly let it be known that GSDs are her breed of choice. I had on a PBRC shirt so she started asking me about pit bulls. I quickly realized she was getting into a "competition" over the breeds.

She first asked if pit bulls could do search work. I replied, "of course - there are two pit bulls named Cheyenne and Dakota that are top in their field"

Regrouping, she stammered and said, "Oh, I meant search - like Narcotics and bombs"

Me: "of course, Popsicle made the biggest drug find in US history and he's a pit bull!"

It then became like a canine version of Password.

Her: "Schnuzund" Me: "Whitehead - just won the national championship"

Her: "Agility" Me: Wallace the Pit Bull - Purina Ultimate K9 Champion

Her: Flyball" Me: Pumble

Her: Dock dogs Me: Morgan (RIP sweety)

Her: Police K9 Me: Neville

Her: Therapy dogs Me: Murphy

Her: Assistance dogs Me: Pit bulls are increasingly being used as all types of assistance dogs. In addition to the traditional roles as sight or hearing dogs, they have also proved that their strong physical build as well as even temperament makes them the ideal breed for people who need the actually physical support that the dogs can provide. We then discussed a local case where a legally blind soldier with a prothestic was kicked out of a restaurant because of his seeing eye/physical support pit bull assistance dog. It wasn't because the dog was a pit bull but the young employee didn't think any dogs could be in the pizza joint due to health codes.

Her: Well, I don't think they'd be very good at any kind of search work since they aren't scent hunters.

Me: What a pit bull lacks in olafactory, they make up for in tenacity. You take a breed that used to be bred and trained to fight to their own death and now show them that their goal is to find that cocaine or that lost toddler and they just won't quit until they do.

Her: Hmmm, I guess I'd seen them in these jobs more than I had ever really thought about. I still love my GSDs but I'll give you kudos for all the great pit bulls out there too!

Me: That's all we ever ask :)!

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