Saturday, June 14, 2008

National Shame

This is a video aided appeal to all dog owners to spay and neuter their pets. PRONTO.

When I recently went to a shelter for a training group orientation, I had to look straight ahead as I walked down the hall with the dogs on either side. I happened to glance at the last door and saw of course the most adoraBull young pibble...I was in tears throughout the meeting.

The estimates of 5-10 million unwanted animals Put To Sleep each year, is a shameful tragedy, beyond imagination.

The below video makes it perfectly clear. No more imagining.

Every pet owner needs to see this.

The lastest comment I received, when I offered a young man to help with a neutering, was that he is such a good dog, I want to breed him once( so he could then have one of his puppies when he died). Any information about fate of the other 9 or so puppies, and their potential offspring....was blocked. 8-(

I so admire those who work at shelters.

TISSUE WARNING_ get out a whole box for this...

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