Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Pitmas

Gotta Love it! From a great member of the pitbull list serve. opps- looks like it is cut off! You can see it in all it’s glory here:
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Merry Xmas to All

Many years ago (1987) SI had a terrible image on a cover, that many believed contributed to the downfall of the Pitbull breed. Well, this new issue brings a new image to the fore!

Link to Sports Illustrated Article

See my Bad Rap blog link for more insights!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Post Op Dog

I can relate to the relief when the call comes, that the pre-op labs and surgery went well. Our sweetie also his patellar area opened up and may need more surgery there later, per bad conformation and a more complicated Luxating Patella from bad conformation.

Our post op notes: Booker had his TPLO on Thursday 12/4 so we are at the 2 week mark already.

Booker came home the morning after surgery. He had received a epidural anesthesia and a long acting antibiotic injection (no antibiotic pills). He had a fentanyl patch bandaged to his other rear leg for 5 days for pain control. No bandage was applied to the incision and we were given written instructions to leave it alone. I did a minor bit of icing on days 2 and 3 when a small amount of redness appeared below the patellar incision ( one stitch). There never was any swelling. His stitches are not staples. The incision itself is absolutely picture perfect- and you cannot see it from the outside at all either. Believe me, I am an RN and have seen much worse by human surgeons!

He did some toe touching for a few days, mostly holding the operative leg up but started full weight bearing on day 5. Now when he walks slowly, he looks like he is walking normally! If he picks up a little speed, he will want to hold it up again. Of course it is cold and wet out and he is on-eash only for a few potty break. He also left the incisions alone after a few “leave it” requests on our part, when he started sniffing around. GOOD BOY!!

We have a comfy cone we put on when we were not at home( xpen‘d as well) and had introduced these earlier,so he did not fighting the cone at all. Since it is attached to a collar and he has a blocky Pitbull head, no way he could have pulled it off! We definitely will watch him like a hawk after stitches come out (Saturday) and use the cone when he is alone for a bit after that.

Tramadol was the only real problem- seems it tastes BAD so was a bit tricky to administer at times. We gave it 3 x a day while awake , since it seemed to wear off in 5- 6 hrs. Today he only got it in the morning, per is now not shaky or displaying other signs of pain or discomfort. He is back to eating kibble mixed with our meaty /veggie/ eggy /seaweed /flaxseed oil/ loaf, after refusing anything with kibble for a few days. The addition of pumpkin helped with BMs. He also gets a few supplements and a homeopathic anti-inflammatory.

We did lots of Kong tug play in his blanket filled dogbed and rope tug action while in a down there too, so no stress on the back legs etc...and his beloved Nylabones to chew on- all have kept him relatively happy. Of course all the hugs and petting are good medicine too! Treats when the cone goes on. Weekly grooming of nails, ears and daily massage / brushing also - most of his regular interactions with us, outside of romps was fun to do. I miss the walks/ romp as much as he does!

He slept more too and was a bit more irritable about strange sounds but otherwise pretty much his usual, happy go lucky self, just the doggy bedbound version. He parked himself on his living room bed for the recovery time; a little safe propane “fire” nearby kept him basking happily there too.

Those plaintive, fully -attentive- to-us LOOK moments were the worst of it ( his hopeful for a walk plea). Since we had done conservative management over most of the summer, we knew how to deal with it all pretty well.

Booker earlier had a strange reaction to Rimadyl, so we received only Tramadol. Investigation indicates this medication has a mild antidepressant action that probably helped too.

Our Ortho vet is great- he has owned the very busy 4 or 5- man ( and women) Vet Clinic for 20 years; I called him a few times and received prompt answers.
Pix of Booker now

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pitter Patter

Family Dog portrait that was enhanced and added to a fun Pitbull website, where other similarly amusing images are posted.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Canine Good Citizen

Booker took the test on November 30, 2008 and is now an official Canine Good Citizen! We have been taking him for training sessions this year, except for a few months off when he injured his stifle.He is a lovie and destined to be a therapy dog one of these days.

He will be once again be bed bound; on Thursday he will have a TPLO surgical procedure.