Sunday, June 22, 2008

Boo Hoo maybe Cranial Cruciate Ligament Blues

Hi It’s me. I just had a bath. It is in the 90’s here. Boy did that feel good.

Last weekend I was at my last PIT ED 1 class with BAD RAP, and all of sudden I could not walk on my right rear leg.

Vet said right stifle (knee) and hip joints were having a problem for sure, and sent me home to rest and come back if I didn’t get better in a few days. i didn’t so he put me out and took x-rays.

They are not entirely sure yet, what I have going on.

I am a young fella and not overweight. I sure like to romp around and RUN. I really don’t like this having-to-hang-out- on -my-new bed-all-day action, except for a few potty breaks, on leash only, where I limp around. I am getting better but if i walk too much. The limp returns.

I like my crate OK, but would rather not have to be in there too, when nobody is home. Fortunately, that is not too often. Usually I have the run of the house, since I am well behaved.

Now it looks like I was born with some bad hips too, so we shall see....

I have been taking Rimadyl pills ( my mom sure was proud of the way I just chomped them up but don’t tell her, they taste great, unlike those other pills she had to put peanut butter around, to get me to take them, when I had to have surgery for the foxtail in my paw awhile ago).

Anyway, boy was I messed up from those pills, Mr Smushy Stoned Dog, but they made it easier to just loll around and chew my Nylabone and hang with my black Kong.

I miss my mom; she is on vacation. I hear she is worried sick about my knee injury.

I will be a good boy.....

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