Saturday, January 24, 2009

6 week post TPLO Xrays

What is totally great about digital Xrays is that our Vet was able to zoom in to where the bone was cut, and we could see very closely to what degree the bone tissue is growing over. We compared it to the day of surgery, where there is a definite dark line ( no bone). Now it has filled in very well. 6 more weeks to go, until he gets the all clear (or should I say is all grown in?) to do increasingly more full-on activity. No running, leaping, scampering, jumping or doggie play dates until we have him back at full functioning. He walks great, no limping at all since day 5 post op- trots well tho neither for very long, now up to 10 minutes max, 2-3 times per day, weather permitting. We do tug play lying down, which he loves- and he chews on indestructible items *Nylabones and Kongs*, maybe all day long, when not snoozing, to help keep himself happy. He is so funny , whenever he gets overly excited he will grab himself one, to safely calm himself down. He has never chewed up anything else at home. !GOOD BOY! Fennel plants are another story- he can’t resist them at all, although will LEAVE it when requested

Back to weather permitting activity....I should say Booker permitting!; the slightest moisture to the ground (much less any rain falling!).... and he immediately will turn right around and head back to his comfy bed by the heater right away. LOL. This is after a long, hard plaintive LOOK our way, ( boy does he have US trained!) then extremely joyful when the collar comes out.....He will do a quick business stop only if in dire need!

I wonder how he will fare in the snow. Next week we are taking a road trip to Oregon. He is being conditioned to some high tech booties, which we saw some IDITAROD mushers using. No snow here! I really do not think he has ever seen snow. Hopefully we can have fun in the snow. I’ll tell him it is just funny water, he loves even cold water swimming.

We are so happy we had the TPLO surgery done. He will be able to once again be his very active self, very soon. I really miss our all out romps too.


Nika said...

Congrats Booker - I go tomorrow for my 8-week check up.
Parker has tagged Booker to play -

Gwen said...

So great to hear about Booker's progress!! My dog Heisman has the TPLO surgery on the 5th of February!

Thanks for your blog! It is so great to follow everyone's process. I hope I am as good at updating Heisman's!